Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use a screen protector or case with the clamp-on lenses?
We design our clamp-on lenses to mount precisely to the iPhone itself.  Given the variety of screen protectors and cases available, our clamp-on lenses should not be used with either a case or a screen protector.  (Lenses designed for the iPro Lens System and for 37 mm thread mounts, however, require a case with the appropriate lens mount as summarized in the product description.)

What are the options for iPhone 8/8+?
We are cautiously optimistic about compatibility for the mechanical changes from 7/7+ to 8/8+, but need to complete a series of thorough tests with the actual phones.  We hope we will be able to have either complete forward compatibility or an easy upgrade path. 

We will update this FAQ as soon as we have more details.  We will also announce updates on social media & through our email list, so you may want to sign up for that at at the top of this page if you haven't already.

What are the options for iPhone X?
We plan to support the iPhone X and have been working with available camera and design information to date.  Once the actual phone is available for testing in early November, we will know how long it will take us to launch the new lens.  Product announcements will be made on social media and through our email list (sign up to receive our announcements at the top of this page).

What about other iPhones (4/4S, 5C)?
Our clamp-on lenses are designed for specific iPhone models, as noted in the product name and description.  Our high image quality specifications require precision alignment to the camera in each handset.  The iPro-compatible adapter can be used with an iPro case for iPhone 4/4S, although hardware and operating system limitations do not allow for in-app desqueeze.  There is currently no clamp-on anamorphic lens option that is compatible with the iPhone 5C, however the 5C can be used with our 37 mm threaded lens.  Check our compatibility summary for details.

What about other devices?
Our 37 mm threaded adapter can be used with a range of third party case/rig/clip options that fit a wide range of mobile devices. To ensure optimum image quality, we have a compatibility summary of device/case options that have been tested with our lens to date. If you have questions about a specific combination, please contact us (link below).

How do I process the anamorphic images?
Check out our posts on video de-squeeze and still image de-squeeze for tips to process your shots on either your mobile device or your computer.  Currently, the following iOS apps support video desqueeze:

Filmakr (viewfinder and real time camera desqueeze)

FilmicPro (viewfinder and real time camera desqueeze)

Guerrilla Filmmaker (viewfinder and real time camera desqueeze)

Mavis (viewfinder desqueeze)

MoviePro (viewfinder and real time camera desqueeze)

VizzyWig (viewfinder and real time camera desqueeze)

Here are a few of the apps available for iOS image desqueeze:

Crop-Size Image Tool (batch image desqueeze)

Desqueeze (simple, anamorph-specific desqueeze)

Image Resizer+ (batch image desqueeze)

What is your return policy?
Moondog Labs accepts the return of products in unused condition and in the original packaging within thirty days of receipt. Please ship fully insured to our offices at:
     Moondog Labs - Returns
     30 Liftbridge Lane East, Suite 210
     Fairport, NY  14450 

Be sure to include your name and order number, and upon receipt and confirmation that the product is in unused condition, the product purchase price will be refunded using the payment method used for the original order.

When will my order ship?
All orders will ship within one business day unless they are clearly noted as BACKORDERED in the item name.  Orders placed Monday through Friday before 10AM ET will ship the same day.

What are the options to ship my order internationally? 
We ship internationally from Rochester, NY, USA using U.S. Postal Service International Priority Mail (6-10 days + customs clearance, $35-49) and Priority Mail Express International (3-5 days + customs clearance, $40-65). We also offer FedEx International for expedited delivery.

We offer First Class International shipping to Canada only.  First Class International shipments offer no guarantee of tracking or insurance, so this option should be selected with care.

Note that international customers will be responsible for any local import duties, taxes, and fees upon delivery; online estimators such as may be useful in estimating these costs.

Will you sponsor my project or event?
We do sponsor select projects and events that drive excellence in filmmaking and photography, expand access to technology, and improve visibility for great creative work.  Please submit your sponsorship requests here.

How can we reach you?
Our offices are open Monday through Friday from 8AM - 5PM ET. Call us at +1 (585) 445-7350 or email using the link at the bottom of the page.

What is your privacy policy?
We believe in privacy online and will not share your contact details with anyone, will only contact you using store information in reference to your order, and will only send general email notifications to those who subscribe to our announcement list.  Read the unabridged version here.