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Sundance film Tangerine "wouldn't have been made" without Moondog Labs anamorphic adapter.

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Make cinematic video with the gorgeous widescreen impact, subtle distortions and horizontal flares found in landmark films like Apocalypse Now, Alien, and Inception. Learn more and watch sample video.

Moondog Labs in the News

Here's what people are saying about our Anamorphic Adapter, from both fans and skeptics:

Every once in a while a truly outstanding piece of kit or app is developed to take mobile filmmaking to the next level, think of the simple Glif or the FilmicPro app for example.  How about the ability to shoot in widescreen from your iPhone 5? So far it’s one of the features that has been severely lacking for mobile filmmakers – as anamorphic lenses have either been incompatible with smartphones, and in any case are way too expensive.” –

“The adapter is already being recognized as a potential game-changer in the industry and it will be interesting to see the impact the accessory has on the smart movie-making community.”  – Videomaker

“I was lucky enough to talk with the folks from Moondog Labs a few months back, and I’m convinced they’ve got something very special on their hands. Their new Anamorphic Adapter has the potential to lift iPhoneography to the next level. If you’re serious about filmmaking, get serious about anamorphic, and back this campaign!” – Hand Held Hollywood

“FiLMiC fans, we're incredibly excited to be working with Moondog Labs to develop the software solution for their wonderful Anamorphic Adapter which launched on Kickstarter earlier today. We've had fun playing with the prototype and the build quality is out of this world! You guys will love it!”  - FiLMiC Pro via Facebook

This is something you most certainly can’t fake in software.  Hell, you even get the cool flat anamorphic lens flare.”   – Cult of Mac

"Basically, this is an affordable lens that gives you the super-wide screen form factor you see in movie theaters. Yeah, so what, you might be thinking, who cares about capturing lush, panoramic scenes?Watch the video, complete with examples, and tell me you’re not interested." – Wicked Cool Bite

“Sorry everyone no time to talk, I’m too busy shooting Wes Anderson remakes with my iPhone 1.33x Anamorphic Adapter.” @kevinwildt via Twitter

“This #anamorphic iPhone adapter on Kickstarter could be the greatest gift for #iphonetographers yet.” @videomaker via Twitter

"This is hilarious. I don’t know why someone would use this.  But I’m glad it’s out there!” @nickpeterson77 via Twitter

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