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Sundance film Tangerine "wouldn't have been made" without Moondog Labs anamorphic adapter.

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Make cinematic video with the gorgeous widescreen impact, subtle distortions and horizontal flares found in landmark films like Apocalypse Now, Alien, and Inception. Learn more and watch sample video.

Welcome to Moondog Labs

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Scott & Julie founded Moondog Labs to bring new tools to creative filmmakers and photographers.  As lens designers, we have worked with photographers and filmmakers through the transition from film to digital imaging, and been involved in development of some of the earliest digital cameras and mobile phone cameras.  The camera that most of us carry with us every day now has incredible creative capability, and we see more and more people tapping into that capability to create and share great stories.

What we’ve discovered, however, is that there is a passionate community of artists searching for a unique charm that’s missing from many pristine modern digital cameras and lenses. Our goal is to employ modern optical design tools to create new lenses with vintage character or creative new features for this community. 

We’ve long appreciated the look and feel of older films shot anamorphically, with classic wide aspect ratio and organic flares and distortion.  Unfortunately, cinema-scale anamorphic lenses are incredibly expensive and out of reach for most independent filmmakers. 

Our first product is something that’s never been done before – an anamorphic adapter made specifically for the iPhone, giving independent filmmakers an affordable tool to experiment with or make feature length anamorphic widescreen films with the camera they carry in their pocket.