Moondog Labs has successfully launched the Anamorphic Adapter
for the iPhone 5/5S on KICKSTARTER. Click here to order!

Make cinematic video with the gorgeous widescreen impact, subtle distortions and horizontal flares found in landmark films like Apocalypse Now, Alien, and Inception.

Photo De-Squeeze

De-squeezing photos taken with the anamorphic adapter is straightforward - here is an example to get you started, with some links and suggestions for editing tools and more image processing background.

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Kickstarter and beyond

Today we officially completed our Kickstarter reward shipments and started shipping a backlog of pre-orders. With endless thanks to our great backers who share our commitment to the artistic potential of iPhone filmmaking and photography, here is some of what they’ve been doing with the Anamorphic Adapter.

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Now shipping...

We started shipping lenses to our great Kickstarter backers today. As a surprise bonus, we are shipping the adapters with a sleek orange protective case.

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Video De-Squeeze

If you're not sure how to handle anamorphically captured video in post, here is a quick tutorial on the settings to use for de-squeezing in several popular editing tools...

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Moondog Labs in the News

Our Kickstarter campaign reached its funding goal in just 8 days, thanks to a passionate community of backers. Since we launched, we've generated a lot of excitement and some controversy in the filmmaking and photography community...

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